Fang & Fur-Eel Pet Tool 32-1038-06

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Do you Love the idea of the Fur-eel PRO’s amazing abilities to remove pet hair but don’t know if it will fit you vacuum set up?  Get the “Fits All Kit”


*   WORLDS FASTEST! 5X faster (no kidding it really is)

*   Polymeric Silicone pulls Hair, Lint and Sand  

*   Easy to use, just follow easy instructions included

*.  Over 50,000 super satisfied customers!


No more guessing at whether or not it will fit your vacuum.  About 99% of all Machines can be adapted to fit with these adapters.  The kit also includes 2 Fur-eel PRO pet hair and sand remover tools and a Fang adapter for the Fastest pet hair removal ever.

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