Fragrance Lite Vacuum & Carpet Deodorizer Very Cherry

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Freshens * Carpets * Vacuum Cleaners * Car Interiors * Pet Odors * Tabacco Odors * Cooking Odors * Mold Odors * Mold & Mildew * 

Safe For Pets & Most Teenagers

Comes In Several Scents

This a granule ( Not A Powder ), Because Powder Clogs The Pores In The Bag And Seeps Into The Vacuum Motor, Choking It And Ruining It. It Also Gets Into The Backing And Padding Of Your Carpet, And It's Nearly Impossible To Get It Back Out.. But As Long As You Don't Care About Your Vacuum Or Carpet, Or Worry About A Product Doing A Good Job, Powder Will Make Things Smell Good For A Little While. 

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