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A new type of vacuum from a brand that’s been cleaning homes across america for over 100 years.


Horizontal Cyclone Cleaning
The Regina vacuum has a horizontal dual cyclone that is just inches away from the motor, while being inches away from the brush roller. This means dirt doesn’t have to travel very far and power is right where you’re cleaning.


Smart Belt System
Regina vacuums use a non stretching smart belt system. This toothed belt system allows the brush roller to spin at high speeds without slowing down as the belt ages.


High Speed With Brains
Regina cleaners are equipped with a second brush roller motor that spins the belt at high speeds, but will stop instantly if an obstruction is vacuumed up. There’s no need to replace the belt, just turn your vacuum off, remove the obstruction and turn it back on.


Energy Efficiency With POWER
Since The Regina vacuum brush roller has a close proximity to the motor this means minimal suction is required to effectively clean. Our suction motor provides power suction, while using a fraction of the watts a conventional vacuum has.


Multi-Layer Filtration
Regina vacuums have a multi layer filtration system. If you have allergies The Regina vacuum should be a good option for cleaning your home.


2 Brush Rollers
The Regina comes equipped with a firm brush roller installed. This is excellent for homes with wall-to-wall carpeting. Regina also comes with a second roller in the box. This second roller is a soft bristle design, great for homes with more hard flooring surfaces or where a less aggressive cleaning is needed.

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